Registration and E-mail Practices

• Registration, if applicable, should be limited to email address, username, password and / or birth-date unless necessary for billing purposes
• Each step of registration must be clear, easy and quick (subject to BitTorrent review)
• E-mail registration must be opt-in
• No unsolicited e-mail to BitTorrent users (spam)
• E-mail must have easy opt-out from sent e-mail

Openness and Integrity

• At no time through the entire lifecycle of your interaction with the BitTorrent customer will you make a misleading or inaccurate claim about your product or service to coerce users into an action (bait and switch)
• At all times and at every step, provide clear and understandable disclosure to the user regarding your application or service, including contact information, pricing, terms of payment, refund policies, customer support information, and other communication
• Clearly display your privacy policy and EULA


You must not promote any of the following:
1. Alcohol / alcoholic beverages
2. Sexual content
3. Sexually suggestive text, images or situations
4. Nudity
5. Prostitution (direct or implied)
6. Content depicting or promoting violence, including harming or killing humans or animals
7. Content promoting illegal drugs or paraphernalia
8. Content promotion pharmaceutical drugs or products
9. Hateful speech
10. Offensive content
11. Content promoting violence or advocating against a particular group, including groups identified by their age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or handicap
12. Content promotion gambling or betting (except in locales where such content is legal)
13. Content promoting tobacco or tobacco-related products
14. Content promoting firearms, ammunition or fireworks
15. Any other illegal content in the applicable jurisdiction

Application or Service Behavior

You must not allow your application or service to do any of the following:

1. Include links to any URL that results in an automatic download of any kind
2. Include links to any landing pages that do not render correctly
3. Include any misleading claims via any medium (text, URLs, etc.)
4. Include subscription or quiz-based ads
5. Include functionality to auto refresh ads
Note: The display URL that is provided for the ad must match the landing page URL of the promoted web site

Please email your account manager or with any production questions
Last Updated: Jul 06, 2015 03:47PM PDT

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