Ad Tags are supported in MREC, TYP, MOBILE and TABLET placements. These placements can click out to an external webpage.

Supported Ad Sizes: 300x250, 728x90
Ad Tag Format: JavaScript Tag and iFrame. For IFrame tags, you must ensure 100% fill rate.
Passback: If you cannot ensure 100% fill rate, please let your account manager know and they will provide you with passback code that will need to be implemented .
Click Tracking: In order to ensure tracking of clicks, we require that you provide us with the click tracking parameter and macro supported by your ad serving platform inside the adtag.
Conversion Tracking: We support Server -to -Server conversion tracking for adtags. In order to ensure conversion tracking, we require that you to implement Click Tracking and provide us with the adtag that includes the parameter where the userid dynamic value can be passed into the callback to our server on a later stage.
Please see integration details in the “SERVER-TO-SERVER Conversion Tracking” section in the "How to integrate tracking" article. 
Last Updated: Jul 06, 2015 03:47PM PDT

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